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There are several ways to create a support ticket.

Direct Link: Submit a request using the direct link.

Ticket Creation on the REV Web App:

  1. Click the Elipsis button ( …) from the Top Menu bar. 
  2. From the drop-down menu, hover over Help Center.
  3. Click Submit Bug/Feedback.CreateTicket_Web1.jpg
  4. Fill out the request form and click Submit.CreateTicket_Web2.jpg
  5. Close the HelpDesk tab to return to the REV web app.CreateTicket_Web3.jpg


Ticket Creation in the REV Mobile App: 

1. Tap the More button on the far right of the bottom menu.

2. In the SUPPORT section, click Submit Bug/Feedback.


3. Fill out the request form with the appropriate information, then click SUBMIT at the bottom.


4. To exit the REV Help Center click the < (back button) in the top left corner.



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