Connecting a Zoom Account to a Group

Group leaders can connect their zoom account to social groups and start scheduling meetings. Each group leader can connect their own Zoom account to a social group to avoid meeting conflicts since one Zoom account cannot have multiple meetings running at the same time. 

Connecting a Zoom Account to a Group on the REV Web App

  1. Navigate to the groups page by clicking on the Groups menu and selecting the My Groups tab.

GroupZoom_Web1.jpg2. As a group leader, go to your group’s page and click the Manage horizontal tab, then click the Zoom vertical tab.

3. In the Group Zoom Settings, mark the checkbox to connect a Zoom account to this social group. GroupZoom_Web2.jpg4. In the Group Permissions section, select the members who are allowed to create, edit and delete Zoom meetings.

5. In the Zoom API Credentials section, enter your Zoom API Key, Zoom API Secret, Zoom Account Email, and Verification token for the JWT app you created from your Zoom Account page.

6. Click the Save Settings button.


Need Help? Click the Setup Wizard button on the page or click here for step by step instruction for setting up Zoom API Credentials for Your Group.


Connecting a Zoom Account to a Group on the REV Mobile App

Unfortunately, this feature does not yet exist in the REV Mobile App.

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